And think not that you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course

Biplob and Mona’s story is one which will reinforce your belief that some people are destined to be together.

Mona and Biplob originally thought they first met at the Buffalo International Airport. But all their lives they had unknowingly crossed each others’ paths numerous times. Both of them practically grew up as neighbors, living only a few blocks away from each other. Their families were friends who had lost touch eons ago. They even attended the same elementary school! Mona’s mother was Biplob’s high school teacher. What more, they moved to the same city to attend the same college! There were so many uncanny instances where they’d crossed paths in the past, but never having truly met.  

Intrigued, the couple dug deep only to find many occasions, parties etc where both of them were in attendance but somehow missed meeting each other.

As fate would have it, they met xxxx miles away from their homes (which were only a few blocks away!). The couple believes there are no coincidences and that things like this really do happen for a reason.